Cine Latino: A New Festival of Latin American Cinema and Farolito Spanish School have created a Study Guide for Year 9-12 teachers and their students to accompany the film Guaraní. This film has been specially selected for its relevance to young adult audiences and because it includes themes such as:

  • Indigenous cultures
  • Language and identity
  • Gender power relationships
  • Intergenerational relationships
  • Tradition and modernity in the 21st Century

Groups of 20 students of more can book for selected School Group Sessions. Tickets are $10.50 each, with one teacher admitted free for every 20 students. The film has a festival classification of 15+. This means that persons under the age of 15 can attend if accompanied by a responsible adult such as a teacher. 

Download the Study Guide


Sydney - NSW
Palace Norton St (99 Norton Street Leichhardt)
Tuesday 16 Aug, 10am
Booking & Enquiries: (0) 9816 1777,

Sydney – NSW
Palace Verona (17 Oxford Street Paddington)
Friday 19 Aug, 10am
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Canberra – ACT
Palace Electric (NewActon Nishi - 2 Phillip Law Street Canberra)
Tuesday 16 Aug, 10.00am
Friday 19 Aug, 10.00am
Booking & Enquiries: (02) 6222 4908,

Adelaide - SA
Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas
3 Cinema Place (Off 250 Rundle Street), Adelaide
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Brisbane - Qld
Palace Barracks (61 Petrie Tce, Brisbane)
Tuesday 16 Aug, 12pm
Booking & Enquiries: Charley Greaves 0402 338 525 or

Melbourne - VIC 
Palace Cinema Como (corner Chapel Street & Toorak Road)
Tuesday 23 Aug, 10am
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Melbourne - VIC 
Palace Westgarth (89 High Street, Northcote)
Friday 26 Aug, 10am
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Pronounced - WE-RA-NEE

The Guaraní are the indigenous people whose traditional lands span the river systems that form the borders of modern-day Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Atilio (played masterfully by veteran actor Emilio Barreto) is a proud Guaraní man who lives on the riverway and insists on living along traditional lines despite the ever-encroaching modern world. Defiantly sexist, he has only daughters and granddaughters and dreams of having a grandson to carry on his name and culture. His granddaughter, Iara is a modern, headstrong teenager who finds life on the river stultifying and is Atilio’s unwilling apprentice on their trips moving contraband goods along the Guarana River.

When he discovers that Lara’s mother, Helena, who lives in neighbouring Argentina, is pregnant and expecting a son, he decides to take them on a long journey to convince Helena to give birth in the Guaraní land and raise the boy himself. This unexpected road trip gently unwinds as a quiet and deeply moving story of the real meaning of traditions and family bonds.

Luis Zorraquín
Emilio Barreto, Jazmin Bogarín
2015 • 85 MINS • DRAMA PARAGUAY / ARGENTINA Guaraní and Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
  • WINNER 2014 Ventana Sur European Vision Award (Work in Progress)
    WINNER 2015 FILMAR – Youth Jury Award, Best First Feature