Australian Premiere


The Womb

The Womb, Peru’s first bonafide horror film, was a huge box-office hit in its home country. It tells the story of two very different women: Silvia, a beautiful 45-year-old widow who lives alone in a huge, run-down house and is obsessed with having a child, and Mercedes is an orphaned teenager looking for work.

When Silvia offers Mercedes a job as a maid it seems that Mercedes has found the answer to her financial problems as well as the maternal figure she craves. And when she meets Jaime, a handsome backpacker who is working for Silvia as a handyman and falls pregnant, it seems that she finally has the family she has been missing.

However, the young lovers don’t know that whole thing is a plan hatched by Silvia who wants to keep the baby as her own, and a gripping struggle between the two women ensues.

Daniel Rodríguez Risco
Vanessa Saba, Mayella Lloclla, Manuel Gold, Gianfranco Brero
2014 • 82 MINS • HORROR / THRILLER PERU Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
Vanessa Saba slides effortlessly into the role of Silvia, creating a character so intense and unhinged, she easily joins the ranks of memorable female villains.
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION 2014 Edinburgh Film Festival
    NOMINATED 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival – Best Directo