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Talion is a legal term that refers to a punishment that fits the crime. In this morally complex thriller Amira, a run of the mill journalist, thinks she has landed her big break when she starts to correspond exclusively via webchat with Mirubín, a mysterious masked man who sees himself as an avenging angel who posts shocking videos in which he applies his own form of justice on paedophiles who have escaped the reach of the law, including a number of politicians.

Through Amira’s reporting, Mirubín comes to be seen as a kind of hero for the defenceless, including by Morales, a young police detective who is put on the case to find him alongside the hard-nosed Inspector Fuenzalida, who sees this as yet another case. With Amira as the only avenue to Mirubín, the detectives close in on her in a bid to get her to reveal his identity.

This is a powerful debut from a strong new voice in Latin American cinema, who has said of this film, “Talion is not a call for justice by our own hands. It is a call to ask ourselves: what would we do if we were in this situation?”

Martín Tuta
Viviana Rodríguez, Ramón González, Tiago Correa, Manolo Cruz
2015 • 85 MINS • CRIME / THRILLER CHILE Spanish with English subtitles
18+ (exemption)
A success. The suspense is crafted with verve throughout…
  • WINNER 2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Nueva Vision Award (Best Latin American Film)