Australian Premiere


In this clever road movie about road movies, Wendy, Diego, Rodrigo and Alberto are four thirtysomethings who travel through the lush Peruvian jungle from village to village to show a film in the open air, without cinemas and untouched by Hollywood. We don’t get to find out what the film is, nor is it clear why hardly anybody comes to watch the free shows.

Between villages they chat, meet local people, and generally sort out the world’s problems (or at least their own). Alberto is stuck in a dead-end job that pays too well for him to leave. Wendy can’t get her love-life together. While Diego and Rodrigo struggle to make ends meet as full time artists. The largely improvised dialogue between them is smart and snappy, with refined nonsense shifting seamlessly into the major questions of life.

With shades of Samuel Beckett’s seminal play, ‘Waiting for Godot’ this is a charming reflection on cinema, life, friendship and loneliness; beautifully shot by acclaimed cinematographer Inti Briones (The Loneliest Planet, The Summer of Flying Fish).

Joanna Lombardi
Diego Lombardi, Wendy Vasquez, Rodrigo Palacios, Alberto Rojas Apel
2015 • 92 MINS • COMEDY / DRAMA PERU Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 Rotterdam International Film Festival