Australian Premiere


Sex Life of Plants

This intimate and deeply moving drama asks the question – is love enough? Bárbara, a landscape gardener in her early thirties, is deeply in love with Guillermo, a lawyer, and wants to have children. He is less keen, but clearly doesn’t want to lose her, so he agrees to get married. Then, while they are out hiking, he falls and hits his head. While at first it doesn’t seem serious, it develops into a brain injury that leaves him slower, scared and socially maladroit.

His injury slowly worsens and despite her longing for motherhood Bárbara sees no hope for their future. Then, when she meets Nils, who also wants to have a family, she settles down with him. But her love for Guillermo remains undiminished despite feeling forced to build a future without him.

Francisca Lewin’s outstanding performance is underscored by the subtle and intelligent cinematography of Benjamín Echazarreta (Gloria) and Sergio Armstrong (The Club) to create a film of rare beauty and insight.

Sebastián Brahm
Francisca Lewin, Mario Horton, Cristián Jiménez
2015 • 94 MINS • DRAMA CHILE Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
Subtle, delicate and very intelligent.
  • WINNER 2015 San Sebastián International Film Festival – New Directors Competition, Special Mention