Australian Premiere


Red Earth

This compelling drama from master cinematographer and director Diego Martínez Vignatti (Japon, The Battle of Heaven, The Tango Singer) tells the story of Pierre, a 40-year-old Belgian logger, who is hired by a multinational to manage a deforestation project in an impoverished rural town in Argentina’s northeast.

A seemingly uncomplicated man and clearly an outsider in this tight knit community, he nevertheless looks to build roots. He participates in the back-breaking work alongside his employees, coaches the local youth rugby team, and is building a house in the forest that he hopes Ana, the local school teacher, will come and live in with her daughter. A strong willed woman, Ana says she likes him, but she prefers her independence.

When a group of locals including Ana raise concerns that the toxins used by Pierre’s company are poisoning the population, he is initially skeptical. His superiors expect him to defend the company’s practices, but as he learns more through Ana and the local doctor and the protests turn violent, he find himself forced to take sides.

Diego Martínez Vignatti
Geert Van Rampelberg, Eugenia Ramirez Miori
2015 • 104 MINS • DRAMA ARGENTINA / BELGIUM Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 Thessaloniki International Film Festival