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Cine Argentina
One Night of Love

Leonel (Sebastián Wainraich) and Paola (Carla Peterson) have been married for 12 years. These days, they barely have time for each other between the demands of work and childcare. In the throes of a potential mid-life crisis, they attempt to rekindle their romance by having a night out without the kids. It’s the first time this has happened in a very long time.

Shocked by the unexpected divorce of another couple with whom they were friends, Leonel and Paola are faced with a stark reality – they need to seriously re-evaluate their commitment to each other and kickstart the process of falling in love all over again. 

A dramatic comedy evoking the dry, tongue-in-cheek humour of Woody Allen, One Night of Love spotlights a universally recognisable juncture for many in long-term relationships. Leonel and Paola’s experience will not only amuse and entertain but provide plenty of food for thought for reigniting romance when the flame has flickered out. 

Hernán Guerschuny
Carla Peterson, Sebastián Wainraich & Rafael Spregelburd
Spanish with English subtitles | 2016 | 90 min | Drama/Comedy | Argentina
18+ (exemption)
Special Jury Award for Direction, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2016

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