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El Inca

A controversial docu-drama, El Inca focuses on Edwin ‘El Inca’ Valero (Alexander Leterni) – the larger-than-life but also real-life professional boxer and undefeated two-weight world champion – who became one of the greatest Latin American boxers. Known for his highly aggressive punching style, Valero is still the only champion in the history of the WBC to have won every fight in his career by knockout.

This film frames Valero’s rise from humble beginnings in the Venezuelan Andes to a terribly destructive fall through his relationship with his wife, Jennifer (Scarlett Jaimes), which was complex and riddled with toxicity. Though his career improves with every win, his personal life begins to take a huge toll. His affair with another woman only makes deeply-rooted insecurities grow stronger, and his increasing use of illicit drugs facilities Valero’s ultimate downfall. 

Those who are familiar with this story will know that only tragedy can result when a man refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. El Inca is about success and failure that define us beyond the realm of professional duties.

Ignacio Castillo Cottin
Alexander Leterni, Scarlett Jaimes & Miguel Ferrari
Spanish with English subtitles | 2016 | 122 min | Drama | Venezuela
Best Film (HBO Ibero-American Competition), Miami Intl. Film Festival 2017

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