Australian Premiere


Still bitter from a recent divorce, martial arts instructor Clever (yes, that’s his name) is trying to get his life back together. His wife thinks he’s a loser. His beloved car is a wreck. And his young son would rather eat junk food and play video games than share in his father’s passion for physical fitness and mental discipline. His friends are a rag-tag group of body-builders and martial arts devotees who are also approaching middle age.

After a night out spent in his car taking a bit too much cocaine, he comes across a car tricked out with flames and sets out on a single-minded quest: to find the artist who painted the flames and design his own car. His journey leads him to a secluded village seemingly full of odd characters; and to an enigmatic personality (the artist) who isn’t quite what he expects.

Delightfully odd and idiosyncratic, Clever is an absurd satire of the fragile façade of masculinity.

Federico Borgia, Guillermo Madeiro
Hugo Piccinini, Antonio Osta, Marta Grané
2015 • 83 MINS • BLACK COMEDY URUGUAY Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
Beautifully executed. Full of lovely moments.
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Chicago International Film Festival
    WINNER 2016 Black Movie International Film Festival (Switzerland) – Prix des jeunes