Australian Premiere

Amor Etc.

With a playful style reminiscent of Michel Gondry (Mood Indigo, The Science of Sleep), this smart and sexy comedy explores the sometimes tricky road to true love. Twenty-something couple Dib and Lisa have just moved in together. But are they ready to live like ‘grown ups’?

Madly in love and excited that they can simply be with one another, their new surroundings nevertheless provide some unexpected distractions. Following a strange phone call for the former owner of the new telephone line they have installed in their new apartment, Lisa becomes obsessed with the mysterious previous owner. And she starts to wonder – what if her her love for Dib starts to fade? Meanwhile, Dib finds he has to contend with unruly neighbours, the girl on the ground floor and a barking puppy. And he starts to ask – now that they live together, what’s next?

Bright newcomers María Canale and Alberto Rojas Apel shine as the two lovers with a script that fizzes with the excitement of young love.

Gladys Lizarazu
María Canale, Alberto Rojas Apel
2014 • 77 MINS • COMEDY ARGENTINA Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
Impresses with its plot and unique sense of humour.
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 Santa Barbara International Film Festival